Concept of the game


The goal of the game is for campers to find the message that Maid Marian wants delivered to Robin Hood which is scattered throughout the playing field, hidden in tins. Once they find a tin they take it to Nottingham and try to unscramble the message; Nottingham is also where they can get more money if theirs is taken away. They are also avoiding the Sheriff and his tax collectors who will stop them to see if they have any money and if they don’t then they have to go to jail. Meanwhile the rest of the cabin leaders are all running around with roles of their own. Prince John and his Army want to eliminate Robin Hood and protect their treasury, and Robin Hood and the Merry Men are trying to save people from jail, steal from the treasury and help the campers find Marian’s message. The game ends when the message is solved.

People of Nottingham (Team 1)-no flagging tape

Tax collectors (team 2) - Blue Flag tape

Merry Men (Team 3) - Green Flag Tape

Prince John’s Army (Team 4) - Yellow Flag Tape

Maid Marion


Robin Hood

Prince John