Each class is once a week for 6 weeks. The spring lessons start the first week in May and the fall lessons start the first week in September. Our Lessons are broken down into 3 groups to help students be around the same point as other students. 

Beginner – This class is for kids ages 6-10 to learn the basics of horse handling and theory. This class is 1 hour long and costs $150 for 6 lessons.

Intermediate – This class is for kids around ages 8-12, this class focuses on mastering the trot and learning more theory and horse care. This class is 1.5 hours long and costs $210 for 6 lessons.

Advanced – This class is for more serious riders around 12 and up to adults. Students groom and saddle each lesson, they learn about how you would care for your own horse and riding well at all gaits. This class is 1.5 hours long and costs $210 for 6 lessons.

Classes – This is our basic schedule we use for the kids classes. We try to make classes a fun environment for kids to learn by using a lot of games. Then as kids get older and more experienced we learn patterns and more technique. 

1 2 3 4 5 6

- Introduction

- Basic Arena Manners 

- Arena Games 

 - Grooming and Saddling

- Leading Horse

- Vaulting  

- Trotting

 - Obstacle Course   -Trail Ride 

Agility Course Competitions

At the end of each group of lessons we put on an Obstacle Course Competition where students can compete against each other on an obstacle course for ribbons. 


Gymkhana Fundraiser 

As a fundraiser for our program we have an annual open Gymkhana. Everyone is entered into a door prize and ribbons are awarded for placing. All funds raised go towards the program.


Races will be: Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Flag Race, Timed Trail

Classes are: Kiddie: 6-8    Junior: 9-12    Teen: 13-17     Senior: 18+

Cost: Horse and rider entry is $25 for all 4 classes. 

To register please email or call Tasha at the camp


For many kids, summer camp is the best week of the summer and for kids who love horses we have two camps this summer for your horse lover. 

For a few years now we have had a Teen horse camp. This camp is for ages 13 to 16. Teens spend all their skills and cabin time at the stables, they can bring their own horse or have a camp horse for the week that they groom and tack up themselves every day. They perform a musical ride and have a camp out with the horses.

We also run three Junior horse camps. These camps are for ages 8 to 12. Kids spend 3 of their 4 skills at the stables learning how to care for their horse and ride. They also have a cook out with the horses. Two camps are for beginners and one is an advanced junior horse camp for students who are confidant at the trot and are ready to try loping. Check out our camps schedule to check out these weeks.