I like playing wide games, most of all Bible smugglers. –Taylor (camper)

I like that I get to stay in a cabin with my friends. –Parker (camper)

I like being with God and being his friend. –Anna (camper)

I like to give the opportunity to share the good news of Jesus Christ with all who step on to the camp property. –Andrew (volunteer)

I like all the cabin leaders and staff, because they are all awesome. –Cassidy (camper)

I like the joy in camper’s eyes when they truly realize that someone loves them! –Tim (volunteer)

Being able to live in a Christian atmosphere and not having to deal with unrealistic pressures of today’s society. –Matt (volunteer)

I like learning about God. –Logan (camper)

The opportunity to be thrown out of my box, by doing thing I usually wouldn't encounter. – Ana (volunteer)

I like giving kids the opportunity to hear about God. –Danielle (volunteer)