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One of the growing concerns in Summer camping is the cost of registration fee's. We understand that parents should know why camping fees are increasing and demonstrate what those fees cover. In an effort to do this we have broken down some of the camping costs below and held them up against what we charge as a camp for registration fee's.

The largest increases over the years has been the introduction of GST on all camp fees, the increasing cost of proper camp insurance, increase of camping regulations and overall cost inflation.

Some of the Camping Fee's

  • Taxes - The GST is 5% on all registration fee's, and goods sold.
  • Meals - Meals at a restaurant generally cost a minimum of five dollars at a low cost establishment. Campers eat 16 meals at their time at camp averaging out to $80 per camper. Campers also receive 2 snacks a day equaling $15.00 per camper.
  • Accommodations - Accommodations are provided for at next to no cost, but even a basic Inn would potentially charge $80.00 per night for a child and an adult. We do not do that because that would be ridiculous and we are a non-profit organization.
  • Program Costs - Program costs cover the amount required to run each summer program. Some skills, such as sports, cost as little as $1.00 per camper to run. Others, such as horsemanship, may cost up to $30.00 per camper. Our camp runs ten skills resulting on average a $50.00-$75.00 camper cost for skills. Additional program costs such as chapel, books, wide games, DVD's, etc are not included in that cost.
  • Payroll - This is one of the highest cost as all summer workers must be screened to ensure they are not of any risk, trained and offered an honorarium. During a full week the camp will be running around 50 workers. The cost of the honorarium alone for these workers is over $50.00 per camper during a packed week. During a non packed week the costs are higher.
  • Insurance & Levy's - It seems that this price increases every year. Right now the cost is around $15.00 - $20.00 per camper based on our current camper numbers.

So far we have totaled up $235 dollars and that does not include the costs of medical, utilities, office, maintenance, janitorial, worker training, upgrades, etc.

The Dauphin Bible Camp firmly believes in keeping summer camps affordable and available to all children. All together Dauphin Bible Camp's registration fee's are approximately half of the current cost to operate a summer camp. The rest of the camp costs are covered by donations.

If you would like more information about summer camp costs please contact us!


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This video, put out by the American Camping Association, gives a glimpse into why Camp is so important in our society.

I developed lasting friendships...
I learned self-esteem...
I became a team player...
I learned how to care...
I became a counselor..

We Went to Camp. Shouldn't You?


Emma Roberts, Hill Harper, Lisa Loeb, Kerri Strug, Michael DeLorenzo, Justin Chambers, Paul Adelstein, James Pickens, Blair Underwood, Sharon Lawrence, Frank Sesno, Glynn Turman, Ashlan Gorse, and Lisa Raye share how their lives have changed Because of Camp…™.

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If you are a parent who never went to camp yourself it might take a while to realize that summer camp is more than babysitting. Camps provide a safe, healthy, positive, supervised environment where children will grow and experience a true community of their peers.

So, if your children are facing another aimless summer, but you aren’t sure what summer camp is all about, here are 10 reasons why your kids need camp.

1. Summer Camps are safe and held to strict guidelines for campers. We select staff that have the well being of their campers as their highest priorities. For some family environments, it might be a safer choice than a mismatch of summer childcare.

2. Summer Camps build quality relationships. Summer Camp is the only place where children can build quality relationships with their peers and cabin leaders. Where else can an eight year old boy receive such attention and friendship from an 18 year old? School is so segregated that children do not build bonds with older children. Friendships are also so much deeper as they are living with their peers for six days, 24 hours a day

3. Summer Camps are a place of acceptance. Riley was a young man with a speech disorder. Although he had a hard time being in public or fitting into school he decided to attend summer camp. The time that he spent at summer camp was all he needed. His confidence soared. Every child, not just special needs children, have the opportunity to reinvent themselves at camp. It is a place where past labels are dropped and new beginnings can take place.

4. Summer Camps allow campers to grow as a community, apart from the pressure of parents or teachers. They can decide what clothes to wear, what activities to sign up for, what to get at the snack shack, etc. It is a rare opportunity for children to make their own decisions, and they have to live with those choices. Sometimes poor choices are made and that is part of learning. The staff members provide a safety net, providing a watchful eye ensuring that your daughter does not live on a diet of snack food and that your son changes his clothes.

5. Summer Camps provides a break from the stresses of family life. For parents it might be a time for a vacation or much needed time for themselves to refresh. Children can get off the couch or computer, leave behind their neighborhood, and experience the outdoors in a whole new way.

6. Summer Camps are a place of moral learning. We at Dauphin Bible Camp are a non-denominational Christian camp and as such adhere to moral standards in speech, attitude, and actions. Campers and staff alike must respect and help each other.

7. Summer Camps bring out every child’s strengths so that they can succeed and belong, gain self confidence, be a part of a team, feel safe and accepted. We also have camps that are designed for a specific childs strengths including horse camp, media camp, special needs camp, and golf camp.

8. Summer Camps help It is said that as soon as a child is born you begin the process of letting go. Parents need to allow their children to develop and grow into the independent adults that they are destined to become. Often camp separation is harder on the parents than it is on the camper. This allows for the growth of campers and parents alike so that future separations, like college, are easier.

9. Summer Camps provide unique activities that no parent or school can provide. We provide horsemanship, archery, riflery, card making, BMX biking, sports, drama, journalism, nature lore, swimming, golf, campfires, team builders, and more in one week.


10. Summer Camp means community living. For children who don’t have siblings, who have never had to share a room or speak up and be assertive to get their needs met, it is a wonderful lesson in patience, tolerance and interpersonal skills. Camp lets kids put into practice the life skills that their parents try to teach them all winter.

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